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How is Rolfing® Achieved?
How Rolfin Iss achieved?

Rolfing® consists of a series of 8 to 12 one hour sessions, that are tailored around each individual's postural and movement patterns. Old patterns of rigidity and shortness in the body's connective tissue (fascia), including ligamentous fixations in the joints and spinal column, are released and integrated back into the body. The body is realigned by balancing and organizing the muscular, skeletal, and visceral systems around a central vertical axis. The body not only becomes more symmetrical, but lengthens as well, and has a much greater range of movement. One notices a sense of physical lightness and well-being.

Clients report changes in their attitudes and emotional states. Chronic pains disappear and energy increases; the body is now able to work with gravity instead of struggling against it, allowing effortless postural alignment. There are several ways to work with connective tissue restrictions; these range from a soft, energetic touch, to direct yet gentle pressure. As the connective tissue changes from ridged, dense fibers to fluid, spacious fibers, the sensation ranges from warmth to a momentary discomfort which disappears almost immediately. The feeling could be likened to a deep stretch that becomes more comfortable as the body relaxes into it, similar to yoga. In the past Rolfing® was said to be painful, however, advances in the work have led to gentler, and even more effective techniques.

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